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Four Cars Get Stuck on Towan Beach

Four Cars Get Stuck on Towan Beach Image: Kevin Harmer Four drivers had to have their cars

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Some of these examples are very creative, but in some, I fear for their lives!

No 1, avoids Covid 19, suffocates to death instead. Gets a 10 for brilliant problem solving, and a festive

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'Robin Pink Breast' The more you look at the world around you, the more you appreciate it. 🌎🌎

Pink Robin Petroica rodinogaster Petroicidae The first indication that a Pink Robin is nearby is often

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Holiday Cottages and Homes in St Ives with Sea Views

St Ives is Cornwall's most popular destination with many homes being available to rent for holiday purposes, there

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Live: Doc Martin filming gets under way in Port Isaac, what do we know?

In this new series the Doc’s career is hanging in the balance. His future as a GP is under scrutiny from the

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Cornwall records biggest waves in England as storm hits

Very Strong winds gusting up to gale force overnight and into the morning have brought the largest waves in the

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We asked for 'Children draw the funniest things' from you.. Nothing prepared us! :D

Children see things in the most innocent of forms, un-corrupted minds, well most anyway, it's often our perception

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Taking The Kids on Holiday - The Adventure Starts Now!

Ah, the challenges of a family holiday with young kids.  The joys of trying to coordinate preparation and packing

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A 70 Year Old Grandad With Alzheimer’s Learns It’s His Birthday. His Reaction Is Priceless.

Reddit user roboticphish’s grandfather has Alzheimer’s Disease. Anyone who is close to someone with this

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The World’s first waterfall-powered pub opens in Tintagel, Cornwall - UK. By Carlsberg

Images Credit: What if the humble pub came with less noisy after-work crowds, and more

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Photos of Port Isaac - Cornwall

Port Isaac has been very popular from day one of tourism in Cornwall, however since ITV launched the very popular

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Robinson Crusoe Retreat In Cornwall: The Magical Island House

It is the ultimate Robinson Crusoe escape, a lonely house on its own island - just off the coast of

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