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A 70 Year Old Grandad With Alzheimer’s Learns It’s His Birthday. His Reaction Is Priceless.

Reddit user roboticphish’s grandfather has Alzheimer’s Disease. Anyone who is close to someone with this dreaded disease knows how much it affects not only the person with it, but everyone around them too. roboticphish wrote:

“It’s hard for everyone in the family, but we all support and love one another, and I think that’s the best possible environment for him to be around. He just becomes a lovey dovey little kid.”

And that’s clear in these photos. On this day, he learned that it was his 70th birthday… and his facial expressions say it all.

If that didn’t make you smile right along with him, nothing will. His grandson who uploaded the photos also wrote:

He has completely forgotten my name, but he knows innately that I’m important to him, and when he sees me every couple of months his face lights up like in the picture and he gives a hearty “Well, look at you!”.  All I can do is return the smile and say “Hi grandad, I missed you.’”

Source: Reddit / Donate To Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease, but we can always cherish those precious moments like this one.


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