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Some of these examples are very creative, but in some, I fear for their lives!

No 1, avoids Covid 19, suffocates to death instead.

Gets a 10 for brilliant problem solving, and a festive reminder of the good old days.

Like that works! But what does work are all the amused looks. I always heard about being a double bagger. Usually that involves 2 people.

This makes for a pretty good face shield actually. I might chuckle if I see it in the wild but more power to him.

Like the plague doctors during the Black Death in Medieval times.He must be s history fan

Easy to clean as well. Spray it down with cleaner an wipe. You can’t do that with face masks..I knew saving all those would come in handy.

For some reason, he felt a little ‘horse’ in the throat, and it didn’t help when he had to ‘nag’ the hell out of the check-out chick to hurry-up!!!

If that sponge has soap, works perfect because soap destroy the virus🤣🤣👌

9) A health choice

A healthy choiceHow is this person even able to talk on the phone with all that crap on their face

I mean I’ll stay 20 feet apart from her!

Scuba Steve! Scuba Steve! Suba Steve! Scuba Steve!✊


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