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Dolphins leaping next to RNLI Penlee lifeboat in Mount's Bay, Cornwall

See this  incredible moment a pod of dolphins we enjoying time in front of the RNLI lifeboat. Pictures and a

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Over 2 Tonnes of Sea Lion nearly sink a sailing boat! Video

These guys are huge! Although it is unclear who the boat belongs to, or how long the Sea Lions

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Rescue Of Starving Injured Dog Who Jumped Into My Arms - Adopt him PLEASE

This story brought tears to our eyes, it is such a feel good clip, we wish everyone took a little empathy towards

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If It Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe It! ★ PART 1 ★

That snake one was hilarious!! The footage right b4 he threw it was priceless!! It's like the bird was thinking

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A diver was in the sea when a dolphin swam up to him, asking for urgent help

I wonder whether humans would ever become conscious of all the damage they cause to the wildlife and the creatures

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After Rod Stewart hears a street artist's talent - He can't help himself but to join in

We'd pay a lot of money to see Sir Rod Stewart sing live, so imagine how amazing it would be to see him for

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I watched this at 2 AM and felt like I was having a fever dream. It's rife with meme potential:

Words cannot express my love and adoration for this commercial. I love roller skating and I wish more people said

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