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Over 2 Tonnes of Sea Lion nearly sink a sailing boat! Video


These guys are huge!

Although it is unclear who the boat belongs to, or how long the Sea Lions chilled there, this unusual sighting does put these animals’ size into a real new perspective.

Sea lions can tip the scales at a whopping 2,500 pounds (1.1 tonnes) and reach lengths of 11 feet — a fun fact to float your boat, or in this case, nearly sink it.

The other day, Joshua Phillips was riding aboard a boat on Puget Sound off the coast when he spotted something unexpected — a pair of enormous sea lions casually doing the same.

Evidently, while out for a swim, the massive marine mammals decided to rest their flippers awhile by borrowing somebody’s (comparatively tiny) vessel to lie on top of. The boat, as you’ll see, wasn’t exactly designed to handle such gigantic passengers!


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