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The town of Camborne is known as a centre for the former Cornish tin and copper mining industry, having its working heyday relatively recently during the later 18th and early 19th centuries. Camborne was a small village before it was transformed in the late 18th century by the mining boom which ranked the town as one of the richest mining areas in the world.

Today, you can see the remains of this wealthy time with the depilated but still inspiring stacks and engine houses, dotted around the landscape.

The famous Dolcoath Mine, also known in its heyday as the ‘Queen of Cornish Mines’ was, at a depth of 3,500 feet (1,067 m), for many years the deepest mine in the world. Let’s not forget to mention the last working tin mine in Europe, South Crofty, which closed in 1998, can also be found in Camborne.

What to do in Camborne

A visit to Paradise Park to see the variety of birds and animals is a must on any visit near Camborne. Opened in 1973 as a small family business, over thirty years later, it is still a family business, but the family has grown considerably!

The Park has plenty to entertain people of all ages, and has increased its appeal to youngsters with the opening of the Jungle Barn.

While in Camborne it would be wrong not to take in some of the mining heritage with a visit to the world famous Poldark Mine. Follow in the footsteps of 18th Century Cornish Tin Miners on the most atmospheric mine tour in Britain – an adventure unlike any other.

If you fancy something even more steeped in history then a visit to the Godolphin House and Gardens is on the cards. The house is a beautiful and romantic National Trust property where time has stood still, giving the house, garden and surrounding estate buildings a haunting air of antiquity and peace. The garden is largely unchanged since the 16th century.

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