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Perranporth is a seaside village famous for its three long miles of soft, sandy beach that stretches out beautifully along the coast.

With plenty of places to stay in the village such as bed and breakfast’s, hotels and a youth hostel, the small village has the word relax firmly imprinted onto the map.

It is also home to St Piran, the patron saint of Cornwall of whom landed at the sandy shores of Cornwall at Perranporth.

Legend says that Piran originated from Ireland, cast to sea tied to a millstone on the order of the Irish King who was suspicious of Piran’s miraculous powers. Piran survived stormy seas and arrived at Perranporth where he built an oratory to promote Christianity (his first disciples were said to be a badger, a fox and a bear!) The oratory is now preserved in the sand dunes at Perran Sands.

Piran is famous for his accidental discovery of tin, when a black stone on his fireplace got so hot that a white liquid leaked out; the first tin smelting. It was this discovery that earned Piran the title ‘Patron Saint of Tinners’, tin mining being the backbone of Cornish industry. This discovery also formed the basis of the Cornish flag, the white-hot tin on the black of the ore.

St Piran’s day celebrations continue to grow in popularity, with the annual St Piran Play on the nearby Perran Sands a highlight, hundreds of people making a pilgrimage to the site of the oratory and other landmarks.

What to do in Perranporth

Being such a popular Cornish tourist resort, as you can imagine there is plenty to do while staying in the village. With the popular and well known Wateringhole – a bar and restaurant on the beach with the best views Cornwall has to offer and many other pubs and places to eat the village has an abundance of places to relax.

But what if it is activity you are after? Surf lessons and water sports are freely available with many companies operating off the beach. Or for the more animal orientated, there is the Reen Manor Riding Stables to occupy your time.

For the more sedate adventure seekers, there is the Perranporth Golf Club and then again, for the younger participants, Holywell Bay Fun Park has a fantastic mini golf course that caters for the whole family!

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