Tintagel is a small and typically Cornish village situated on the rugged North Cornish coast. It has all you would expect from such a beautiful and dramatic location.

Quaint cottages made of local stone, plenty of tourist shops, cafes and restaurants and an air of mystery created by the presence of Tintagel Castle, was it really the seat of King Arthur?

In all honesty the ruins are more recent than the times of Arthur’s legend, but who cares, it’s a great place to visit or stay.

You can’t stay in the castle of course, mainly due to the fact that if you roll over in bed you’ll most likely end up over the cliff and into the sea as the castle is in ruins however, there is still plenty to see and ponder about. Check out Merlin’s cave it is said that his spirit can still be heard on the beach as he holds the baby King Arthur in his hands’ high above his head.

There is usually a story teller within the castle that will captivate you with stories of old, why not sit for a while, listen, imagine and allow yourself to rest for a while. It is a little bit of a trek to the castle however, if you don’t fancy walking or can’t then there are regular land-Rover lifts you can take for a fee. Cornwall’s oldest church is here too and still holding services.

You cannot visit Tintagle without taking a tour around the old post office with its wobbly roof, in a previous life it was part of a fourteenth century Yeoman’s farmhouse then in the Victorian era it was the post receiving station for the area. The building is now owned by the National Trust.

You can join the coastal path here, at Tintagel, too, why not take a walk to Bostcastle and enjoy the breathtaking sea views, cliffs and coves, flora and fauna, on the way. You could take a bus back if you are too tired for the return walk.

In the village and opposite the old post office is the King Arthurs Arms, a family friendly and run pub where you can enjoy local cider, ale and food. Here you can also soak up the atmosphere of Tintagel as well as the local beverages.

As with many other towns and villages in Cornwall you are never far away from all things and places Cornish, such as Boscastle and Camelford (both worth a trip). There are many attractions in the area too. You could embark on one of the Cornish Heritage Tours where you can try beer and wine tasting amongst other things.

There is plenty of accommodation to choose from in and around Tintagel and to suit all budgets. Whether you want a caravan, bed and breakfast or guest house accommodation or a hotel, you will find a great place to stay in Tintagel.

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