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5 Swimming Pools by the Sea in Cornwall

Cornwall is home to a range of wonderful swimming pools by the sea. These tidal pools offer safe swimming conditions, away from the dangers of the sea currents and crashing waves. Discover some of the county’s best sea water-filled pools, perfect for families and safe swimmers alike.

Bude Sea Pool | Swimming Pools by the sea | Cornwall

Bude Sea Pool, Bude

The Sea Pool at Summerleaze Beach, Bude is described as a semi-natural sea pool, which has provided safe swimming and water sports conditions for Bude beachgoers since the 1930s.  Around 50,000 people visit the Bude Sea Pool each year, which is free to users. The pool, located under the cliffs, towards the top of the beach, is replenished with sea water twice a day, with the incoming tide. Temperatures vary in the pool dependant on the time of year. In April, the water temperature is usually around 11°c. In August, it can reach around 18°c.

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Jubilee Pool, Penzance

The Jubilee Pool in Penzance is the UK’s largest art deco sea water lido. It was opened in 1935 and is said to be one of the last remaining lidos in the UK. The pool is split into three sections: the main pool, the learner pool and the newest addition, the geothermal pool. The geothermal pool was opened in 2020 and is the first geothermal lido in the UK! The main pool’s depths range from approximately 1.2 metres to 2.25 metres. The learner pool’s depth is approximately 0.6 metres. The geothermal pool’s depths range from approximately 0.85 metres to 1.35 metres. Altogether, the Jubilee Pool holds 5 million litres of sea water! The main and learner pool temperatures are usually 1-2 degrees above sea temperature. If you prefer swimming in warmer temperatures, the new geothermal pool is heated to 30-35 degrees!


Tickets for the main pool and geothermal pool can be booked here*

The Jubilee Pool is open to bathers from May to September

*Due to Covid regulations, pre-booking is required

Jubilee Pool | Tidal Pools in Cornwall

Porthtowan Tidal Pool, Porthtowan

The tidal pool at Porthtowan Beach is accessible at low tide, tucked away under the cliffs to the right side of the beach towards the shore. It’s a man-made tidal pool, in which you can swim freely. The pool has both shallow and deep sections, so if you’re rock jumping, make sure you’re jumping from a safe place. Access to the pool can be quite challenging, so it’s not recommended for those that may be unsteady on their feet. Please note that as this pool is only accessible at low tide, check the local tide times before going to the pool, as to not get caught out by the rising tide.

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Mousehole Rock Pool, Mousehole

The tidal pool in Mousehole is a fantastic tidal pool for families to visit, with safe swimming conditions for children to splash around and explore the surrounding rock pools. The tidal pool is around knee deep for the average adult, so it’s perfect for children to swim and explore the pool below with a snorkel and mask. The pool is easily accessible, with the shore cemented along the sides.

Mousehole Tidal Pool

Portreath Tidal Pools, Portreath

Portreath Beach, located on the North coast of Cornwall, is home to a number of tidal baths and pools. All are accessible at low tide, so be sure to check the local tide times before visiting. To the right of the beach, there are a number of rock pools, with the addition of a tidal pool, safe for swimming. There are also a number of tidal baths dotted around the cliffs, formerly known as the Basset’s Baths. The most famous bath is located to the left side of the beach, known locally as ‘Lady Basset’s Pool’. There are said to be roughly 9 baths altogether, see if you can locate them all on your visit to Portreath!

Portreath Tidal Pool

Let us know your favourite tidal pools to visit whilst in Cornwall!

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