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Cold weather is coming for Cornwall and the UK - Updated computer models

This model has been updated by and confirmed tonight at 9pm on 14th Nov. Here is the source link

Along with the cold weather fronts are likely to collide with the siberian blast causing ice, again, to sea level. There is no sign of this blocking high moving anytime  soon, odds on a white Christmas have increased and in the bookies they have dropped significantly.

Think about the vulnerable and elderly, we have 2 weeks to prepare, with it getting colder each day from Saturday 17th Nov onward.

Beast from the east 2.0, heading your way

A yellow weather warning has been put in place with it expecting to change to red for most of the UK as the horrifying weather creeps in. The met office uses three colors to warn us about extreme weather, yellow, amber and red. The red warning meaning you should take action to The best things you can do to prepare for the cold weather are to stay indoors and keep warm, prepare for power cuts, keep up to date with weather information and keep a check on others in your community especially the very young and elderly.

You can find our accurate forecast for the coming week here –

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