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You won’t believe these weird and wonderful stories that made headlines in Cornwall

Have you seen Cornwall’s recent most-wanted? A wallaby with a dream is on the loose in the county, last seen in a garden near Launceston and there’s no telling where he or she will go next.

Believe it or not, a wallaby on the loose is fairly unsurprising for the Cornish, when you compare it with some of these…

‘Is the fine layer of sand covering Cornish cars really from the Sahara Desert?’

In March 2014, the good people of Cornwall awoke to find a mysterious layer of sand covering their cars. The home of detective series Doc Martin got their thinking caps on, and settled on the Sahara Desert as the likely culprit. Naturally.

‘Falmouth police issue description of stolen Christmas tree as ‘6ft tall, with lots of green branches and prickly bits”

Serious crime is nothing new for police forces in Cornwall, and thankfully they understand the importance of accurate descriptions. Without such a succinct summary, the police department would likely be inundated with trees of all kinds, as people attempted to ensure the safe return of the real tree.

£240,000 Ferrari 458 gets stuck in the sand at Watergate Bay, near Newquay’

Despite being capable of reaching speeds exceeding 200mph, this fancy Ferrari sports car was going nowhere fast in January 2014. The car was part of a shoot for the Official Ferarri Magazine. It looks great and can do 0-60mph in three seconds, although we can’t comment on its ability to off-road.

‘Sue Marshall escapes serious injury when two cows crash through roof in Penzance’

A local artist had some unexpected guests whilst in her workshop in November, 2013, when she found the source of an almighty crash was, in fact, two fully grown cows crashing through her roof. The cows in question were not harmed in any way, and the pair have since been labelled adrenaline junkies. Got milk?

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson under fire for wanting to “be rid” of Cornish “pasty-munching ingrates”

How’s that for a celebrity scandal!? Controversial Clarkson strikes again in 2014, branding an entire county as ‘pasty-munching ingrates’. As the outraged residents of Cornwall began to organise a rebellion similar to that of 1497, Clarkson soon waved his white flag, claiming it was just a joke.

Never change Cornwall, never change.

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