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Top 10 Family Friendly & Free Things To Do In Cornwall This Summer

Cornwall is well-known for its gorgeous beaches, great surfing weather, and clotted cream scones. Needless to say, it’s one of the most sought-after family holiday destinations in the UK. People from all four corners of the country travel here, and there are plenty of amazing things to do.

One of the reasons Cornwall is so popular is that it’s great for families. If you’re thinking of taking your children to the South West this summer, then here are the top 10 family-friendly things to do – all of which are free!

Cornwall can boast a few of the best British beaches
Cornwall can boast a few of the best British beaches

Go To The Beach

You can’t go to Cornwall in the summer without visiting one of the beaches! When the weather is good – and it usually is pretty good during the summer months – then Cornwall can boast a few of the best British beaches. Get some towels, a bucket and spade, and just enjoy a relaxing beach day with your kids.

Investigate The Rock Pools

The sandy beaches aren’t the only attraction along the Cornish coast. It’s also home to loads of really cool rock pools. These mini-pools are home to loads of different animals like crabs and starfish. Go around the coast investigating these pools with your kids – they’ll love fishing out little crabs and other animals in their nets.

See The Cornish Camels

You probably knew that Cornwall was home to loads and loads of cows, but were you aware that it had some camels too? It’s surprisingly true, and you can see them by going to a nearby camel farm called The Camel Centre. It’s usually a place reserved for events and weddings, but they often open up the farm for free, so you can see and pet the camels. This is something your kids will absolutely love!

Ride The Camel Trail On Bike

Speaking of camels, why don’t you get a bit of exercise and enjoy the beautiful Cornish countryside at the same time by going on a family bike ride? There’s a long route called the Camel Trail that really takes you through some beautiful spots. It’s perfect for a day of fun in the sun, so make sure you bring a picnic along.

Find Merlin’s Mysterious Cave

Cornwall is a place full of ancient history and plenty of mystery too. There’s a place called Tintagel Castle which is apparently where King Arthur was born. But, close by to this, at a nearby beach, you will find Merlin’s Cave. That’s right, you can take your kids for a walk along this beach and tell them that the legendary wizard once lived there and did all his magical spells. It’ll leave them open-eyed in awe, and they’ll most probably never stop pretending to be Merlin for the rest of the trip.

Enjoy A Free Art Class

Take a trip over to West Cornwall and visit Penzance, and you will find a delightful little place called Penlee House. Now, this is a brilliant art gallery and museum that’s packed full of exciting exhibits and elegant displays of art. What’s great about Penlee House is that they offer free family workshops on Saturdays. You don’t even have to book, just drop in with your family during the allotted time. Here, your children can take part in a little art class and maybe even create a cute memory to take home with them.

Wander Past The Waterfalls At Golitha

As you’re probably aware by now, Cornwall is home to some frighteningly beautiful things! It’s also such a brilliant place to go for long walks as a family. There are endless stretches of countryside to admire, along with some wonderful woodlands too. Speaking of which, get your backpacks on and head towards the staggeringly stunning Golitha Falls in Draynes Wood. Your kids can have fun following the path of these waterfalls, while you can just enjoy a nice relaxing walk.

Have Some Fun At Heartlands

The Heartlands is one of the biggest attractions in the whole of Cornwall, and it just so happens to be free. It spans a massive 19 acres and is considered a World Heritage Site – so you already know it’s going to play host to some gorgeous scenery. But, the most significant thing here is that it’s essentially a massive free adventure park for kids. There is a vast playground, plenty of things for them to climb on, and some indoor arts & crafts facilities too. Don’t think this is just a place for them, you can enjoy the beautiful botanical gardens and intriguing exhibitions on display too.

See How Ice Cream Is Made

Have you ever wondered how legendary Cornish ice cream is made? Well, wonder no more as you and your family head to Roskilly’s Ice Cream farm to learn all about this. It may seem like a strange place to go for a fun day out, but there’s actually plenty to enjoy here. For one; ice cream is always a winner, and you can bet there’ll be a few free scoops at the end of your tour. But, this is also a farm that’s full of gorgeous animals and some really lovely meadows. In essence, it’s another excuse to see the natural beauty of Cornwall, but with the added benefit of ice cream!

Enter A Real Life Chocolate Factory

The Trenance Chocolate factory over at Mullion is the perfect place to take your kids for a fun experience. You get to see chocolate being made before your very eyes, and may even get a few free samples as well. It’s great family fun for everyone; your kids will love it because chocolate is involved, and it’s interesting enough to keep the adults entertained too!

You don’t need to spend money to have fun in Cornwall this year. If you’re searching for some of the best things to do with your family, then consider all the ideas on this list. There’s a great combination of things to try, from sampling Cornish ice cream to exploring the vast Heartlands; every family will enjoy their time in this lovely little county.

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