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Surviving Member Of Bee Gees Brought To Tears By Keith Urban’s Cover of ‘To Love Somebody’

Barry Gibb was bought to tears by this, you MUST take a look.

Australian musician and rock star Keith Urban recently covered a song by the legendary disco group the Bee Gees at the Grammy Awards. During a special salute to the legendary group, Urban sang their special hit “To Love Somebody.” The only living member of the group, Barry Gibb, was in the audience while Keith was playing and singling. His performance was unbelievably moving, and it even moved Barry Gibb to tears as he shut his eyes and looked heavenward, perhaps in memory of his brothers. Barry’s wife, Maureen, was sitting beside him, and it was clear that she was deeply moved as well.

Cover songs aren’t new. Every day, someone somewhere is covering a famous musician’s work. This has been happening since the beginning of time (or at least the beginning of music). However, thanks to the internet, we all get to see these covers up close and personally. Sometimes, we even get to see the reactions of the original artists as they watch their beautiful songs being played. It’s a very moving experience when you can see the reactions of these artists as they watch someone newer and younger performing their work.

The loss of his brothers affected Barry Gibb deeply, and he said recently that he’s the “last man standing.” To make matters worse, Barry says that he was on bad terms with each of his brothers at the time of their deaths. He shared that every brother he lost was lost at a moment when they weren’t getting along. He says that he’ll have to spend the rest of his life reflecting on that. Continuing, he said that he’d never be able to understand why he’s the only one left since he’s the oldest. But he maintains that the brothers were incredibly close, saying that nobody ever really knew what the three of them felt about each other. Making music with his brothers was a unifying thing, and the three of them “became one person.” They shared the same dream, and he misses that more than anything.

Watch this touching video below.

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