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Select Cornwall introduce a referral scheme that could make you a thousand pounds!

We have been told that anyone who introduces a property owner to Select Cornwall will earn £40 cash on completion of their first booking!

And this continues for every new owner and booking, but here is the good part. If you introduce just 20 people to Select Cornwall you will receive £1000!*

If you are interested in this new scheme email both [email protected] and [email protected] – The process from there is simple, you provide them with the names of new owners or owners that will be joining and they will add you to their account where you will be updated on all property owners progress and in turn your progress!

Here is the join up link you’ll need to send to owners:

Promotional information for you.

They charge no commission to the guest (Airbnb charge up to 15%) so the holidays booked through them are cheaper and more appealing to the guests.

They have over a million Cornwall holiday based Facebook pages as a platform to share the properties on.

An active Facebook holiday group That Select Cornwall owners can use solely, this ensures that guests can trust the secure payment process and guest protection, if the property had flood damage for example, Select Cornwall will endeavour to find a replacement holiday immediately.

They can synchronise their holiday calendars with external booking systems – No tedious updating anymore!

We hope this may help you get some extra spending money, for a holiday of your own! Good luck

*Introduce 20 property owners and all 20 have completed their first booking, you’ll receive £1000 at that point if you haven’t taken the other £40’s leading up to this point. If you have taken money as you go, on the 20th property owner and completed booking you’ll get £240 instead of the usual £40.


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