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The name Redruth is derived from the Cornish name Rhyd-ruth, Rhyd meaning a ford and ruth meaning the colour red. Tin and copper were very much present and made the town a suitable place for extracting metals. The first settlers began extracting metal ores by the river and this process turned the colour of the river red.

Redruth was historically a small market town until the 18th century when there was a sudden increase in the demand for copper ore. The copper was required to make brass – an essential metal used in the Industrial Revolution. The town quickly became one of Britain’s largest and richest mining areas.

By the end of the 19th century, most of Britain’s copper ore was imported and many unemployed miners emigrated to join mining industries in other parts of the world. In March 1998, the last operational mine in Cornwall situated between Redruth and Camborne closed.

Things to do in Redruth

Murdoch House was built in the 1660s originally as a chapel and later became a prison. William Murdoch, who erected engines for the local tin and copper mines, lived in the house in the late 1700s. He fitted the house with gas lighting made from coal gas and his house became the first house in the world to have this type of lighting.

Redruth is home to Carn Brea which is a hilltop site of great historical interest.

Carn Brea Castle – Carn Brae, Redruth, West Cornwall

Feadon Farm Wildlife Centre is popular with families for its wildlife, falconry, nature trails,night walks and rock pooling.

Why not try riding lessons and trek around Carn Brea Castle and along the World Heritage Site of the Mineral Tramways.

For those who enjoy the urban life, there are various shops to visit to include antique shops. There is a covered market way, an old butter market and a multi-screen cinema.

For a good day out why not visit Treasure Park, one of Cornwall’s leading free attractions. The Park offers shopping experiences, beautiful gardens, a coffee house and restaurant and various activities such as pottery painting, Krazy Kids, Wacky Test Tubes, Panning for Gold, Find a Fossil, the crazy gold course, the Tolgus Tin 4D ride and plenty more!

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