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London's BIGGEST Barn Find, when the new owner opened this shed..... Jackpot!

A man purchases a series of dockland sheds, When he opened this one….. Jackpot! ALL cars had the keys in, and the all run, they were driven in over the years and just stored.

Imagine how many holidays in Cornwall you could have if this was you’re find! Find your perfect holiday cottage with private pool Cornwall.

All barn finds are special, but this one, just discovered, has many people excited!

Each car is going under the hammer! We have a video at the bottom of this article, CHECK IT OUT

Kept dry but dusty, the cars are in great condition.

No one knew the old owner had collected cars, let alone this many quality ones.

Each car is unique

All have something special

Fiat 500

Dusty Merc

All will scrub up

Tidy BMW boy racer alloys

To the classic cars

There seemed to be excitement around every corner

The passing of the old owner meant that all this was discovered after lockdown

Fancy a Porsche

Mercedes after a hose down

 Watch this video – Takes your breath away! And you can buy one – See the info.

Thanks to The TFJJ and more info on Instagram @londonbarnfinds/

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