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Hello me hearties 👋
If you kindly follow my posts on here .
You will all know .
I get very excited about every single dedicated wildlife cruise I do.
As I never really know, what we are going to observe and record next .
That for me is the pure joy, of all I do . Along with sharing my knowledge and passion for all wildlife, with you all .
So today was truly one of those very special, very exciting and truly MAGICAL DAYS.
As Dear Doris, THE Humpback Whale passed safely through Falmouth Bay. Today.

View the video below..

I have been on two knees praying 🙏🏻
That possibly , Hopefully ✨
We too might be so very privileged, to witness her beauty and to share in her majesty .
With your support .
Happily I have been out on Free Spirit virtually daily, searching through the whole of Falmouth Bay .
Traveling East and West, Far and Wide .
Sighting and recording everything I observe on these fun filled, educational and incredibly exciting dedicated wildlife cruises.
Well the the dear Lord above shined on us all today .
As we observed Doris breaching in a series of huge spectacular colossal and continuous breaches .
Initially from over a mile away .
However , there was no mistaking it was a Humpback Whale 🐳 Even from that distance .
As she was completely clearing the sea in her huge and spectacular, joyful breaches .
Thank you everone, for all your kind words , exclamations of wonder and amazement and all your comments . Regarding the short video well quickly edited to share with you all.
To try and answer all your questions and remarks from the video .
Firstly .
Yes, this is a Humpback Whale.
They happily and naturally travel and feed very close to land .
Yes they migrate across Oceans .
But they happily come in close Inshore, to feed .
Is this the same wonderful and ever so endearing Humpback Whale, that has been Happily Feeding in Devon .
For the last two and a bit months .
Yes this is Doris the very same Humpback Whale .
How do I know that .
Well sadly for us all .
Dear Doris had the misfortune of getting her huge Fluke ( Tail ) entangled TWICE , in Lobster Pot riser ropes .
Fortunately for her and us all . Praise the Lord for that .
She was safely rescued and released both times, by the fabulous and dedicated people at BDMLR 👏 And the RLNI .
A special thanks to you all 🙏🏻
However, she did and does now sadly carry the rope burns and scars, from those two Pot Rope entanglements .
Which I could clearly see and indentify round her caudal stock today .
Yes me hearties . This was all observed and Recorded here in Falmouth Bay, Cornwall .
For quite a few years now . We have happily recorded Humpback Whales, returning every year through the Winter and early Spring months .
As the population in the Atlantic Once again . Slowly recovers and expands their range . Back in to their traditional feeding areas and migration routes .

That they all once happily shared and lived in . Before we hunted and nearly killed them all .
Sustainable fisheries and Sustainable Seas with careful management policies put in place . Will see these truly special Whales and all of their fellow marine species recover again .
Last year on the 08/04/16 we recorded a Humpback Whale just off Falmouth, breaching .
Interestingly today is the 11/04/17 .
Is this the same Humpback Whale 🐳
Quite possibly, Yes 👍
This is now our Fifth Cetacean species we have sighted and recorded this year .
With Bottlenose Dolphins , Common Dolphins , Risso’s Dolphins and Harbour Porpoise being the others .
Today on our everyday, dedicated 4 hour wildlife cruise.
Which are happily available daily, throughout the week, throughout the whole year .
We recorded THREE different species of Cetaceans.
With six separate interactions with Common Dolphins .
Numbering some + – One Hundred and Thirty Seven individuals . Lots of maternal groups with calves and Juveniles.
Plus Four different interactions with tiny little Harbour Porpoise for a total of Nine and then dear Doris, the glorious Humpback Whale .
If anyone would like to find out more about my dedicated wildlife cruises.
Please feel feel to email me at [email protected]
Or if you would prefer to phone 01326 753389 . We will be thrilled to hear from you all .
I’m delighted and happy to share with you all .
That Doris safely passed through Falmouth Bay today .
Heading South and West down the Lizard Peninsula and back out into the Western Approaches .
Giving everyone onboard today some truly special , magical and incredibly exciting memories. That will stay with us all forever .
Long may these truly beautiful, charismatic and endearing Humpback Whale swim and return yearly . To our Cornish and Devon coastal seas .
I was able to capture some remarkable video today .
Which once it’s edited .
Will happily be posted up on here for you all to enjoy and share with all you know .
Here below are a few photos of Doris breaching today Some happily shared to us by Ella .
Plus some other recent photos.
Of those beautiful Risso’s, Common Dolphins and Harbour Porpoise .
Along with some of our other feathered friends too.
What a truly magical wildlife adventure cruise we all shared today.
Buzzzzzzzzing with excitement and happiness .
Without you all . None of this woukd be possible .
Thank you for all your support .
Plese feel free to share with all you know .
Capt. Keith.B.Leeves

Cornish Wildlife images below:

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