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Got 99 problems, being Cornish ain’t one

A home, a holiday, a happy place. Cornwall is without a doubt one of the most beautiful corners in the UK, attracting people from far and wide to make the most of the wonderful county. We’ve put together a list of reasons to visit Cornwall and why the Cornish are so lucky to call the UK’s favourite county home.

The Beaches

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the coves of Cornwall were actually based somewhere in the Caribbean. The long expanses of golden sands, crystal clear waters, and pumping waves (yew), make it clear why Cornwall tops the charts in numerous surveys.

The Weather

Dust off the tanning oil, for Cornwall has a temperate Oceanic climate, making it milder than anywhere else in the UK. It also receives more than 1,540 hours of sunshine a year, making for great holiday selfie lighting #nofilter.

The Food

Cornish delicacies are the envy of the southwest, with cream teas, pasties, clotted cream ice cream, oysters, and the famous saffron’s buns. Nothing will tickle your taste buds at breakfast, lunch and dinner quite like a spot of Cornish cuisine. Sure, you may have to wrestle a seagull for your mid-morning pasty, but that’s all part of the experience.

The Surf

Whether you’re a seasoned board rider or chief of the bails, everyone can enjoy the waves down south. By the end of your time in Cornwall, you’ll be switching, turning and barrelling until your heart’s content and probably saying things like ‘gnarley’. If balance isn’t your forte, there’s no shame in joining the middle-aged adults, screaming with joy as they soar past on a body board. It’s more fun anyway.

The Festivals

Cornwall is king of the festivities, hosting incredible events throughout the summer, including Boardriders, Looe Music Festival and The Great Cornish Food Festival. Celebrate in style with locals, probably near a beach, and with cider in hand, party on into the early hours.

The Community

The communities in Cornwall are like nowhere else in the UK. Everyone seems to know each other, and whilst many of them may be related, there’s so much more to it than that. This kindness extends to visitors, so come and experience it for yourself!

Image credit: Tim Spouge

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