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Farmer battling cancer is lost for words when neighbours harvest crop for him

Local farmer battling cancer and unable to harvest his crops overjoyed as neighbors and other farmers came together and did it for him.

Greg Bishop was diagnosed with leukemia in September and has been undergoing treatment. when the locals heard of Greg’s situation he was inundated with offers of help from the community. Neighboring farmers brought along all the equipment needed to harvest Greg’s fields about 450 acres in total.

Greg has lived in the community for over 25 years and is well respected, local business manager. Aaron Hendricks said: “He would not have asked anyone for help, but he would have been the first one out if someone else was sick.” It’s thought nearly 100 volunteers came out to help him. Local businesses supplied pasties for the workers, fuel, and services if machinery broke down.

Robert Nixon one of the volunteers who organized the effort said he was overwhelmed by how many people came to help so many some were turned away. He said, “We started at around 10 am this morning and a little before 3 we were done we had that many people.”Greg has a long road ahead of him but having the community behind him Greg now feels he’s ready for the fight.

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