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Easy-to-learn Kernewek phrases that will impress your Cornish friends

With the weather brightening up and the flowers coming out in full bloom, many of us are planning our getaways to the beautiful county of Cornwall. So why not try and impress your Cornish friends by learning a bit of Kernewek?

Kernewek is the Celtic language of Cornwall and is closely related to Welsh and Breton.

Have a go at learning these useful Kernewek phrases!


“Dydh da” – Hello

“Duw genes!” – Goodbye!

“Nos da” – Good night

“Fatla genes?” – How are you?

“Pur dha” – Very well

“Meur ras” – Thank you

“Mar Pleg” – Please

“Piw os ta?” – Who are you?

“…ov vy” – I am …

“Ple’th os ta trigys?” – Where do you live?

“Trigys ov vy yn…” – I live in…

“Chons da!” – Good luck!

“Ober da!” – Proper job!


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