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The picturesque Camelford is a town and civil parish in north Cornwall, situated in the River Camel valley northwest of Bodmin Moor. The North Cornwall Museum and Gallery lives in Camelford and contains paintings and objects of historical interest.

Camelford, formerly ‘Cam Pol’ which is Cornish for “curved river”, sits astride the river Camel. At over 700ft above sea level the town is one of the highest towns in England.

The symbol of the camel, as used on the Town Hall weather vane, is often used in connection with the town of Camelford, but actually the name has nothing to do with camels. The word Camelford is thought to derive from cam = crooked, alan = beautiful and ford. This makes Camalanford, which, in the passage of time has migrated to Camelford. The river Cam (which in Celtic means crooked stream) was easily forded by early travellers.

What to do in Camelford

If wine is a passion of yours then take a visit to Camel Valley, they have been producing award-winning, world-class wines in Cornwall for over twenty years.

What is it that makes their wines so good? It’s quite simple, as stated by the producers themselves – an idyllic setting on sun-drenched slopes near the famous Camel River; wonderful grapes that perfectly suit the soil and climate; a respect for traditional vineyard practices combined with a modern approach to wine making and, most importantly – a passion for creating wines that provide pure pleasure.

Camelford is also a wonderful place to walk around, fish at the river, or somewhere to stay while on a Cornwall surf safari. The town has a magical history and lots of legend surrounding it mostly connected to the fabled King Arthur – did he fall at Camelford? Only the legends remain.

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